The Fluff & Fold Team

We, Zach and Priscilla, are humbled and honored to be the owners of Fluff & Fold. Running this business alongside our amazing family fills us with immense gratitude. I (Priscilla) was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, family has always been my top priority. When my sisters and I suddenly found ourselves taking care of my nieces and nephew, our lives took a dramatic turn. Overnight, we went from having no kids to raising four amazing children.

As we embraced this new chapter, each of us took on different responsibilities, and my sister Vanessa took charge of the laundry. There were days when the piles of clothes seemed endless, and it brought her to tears. Frustrated with the lack of trustworthy laundry delivery services in our area, I made a decision.

That's when the idea for Fluff & Fold was born. With a deep commitment to our community, we established a family-owned and operated business dedicated to easing the burdens of laundry for families across Las Vegas. Our goal is simple yet powerful – to change lives and make daily routines less stressful.

At Fluff & Fold, we understand the importance of trust. We strive to be the company that families can rely on, providing exceptional service and delivering peace of mind with every load of laundry. Our mission is to make a positive impact, one wash at a time.

Join us on this journey as we continue to make a difference in the lives of Las Vegas families. With Fluff & Fold, laundry becomes a worry-free experience, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – your loved ones.