Frequently Asked Questions


Are lights and darks separated?

Lights and colors are only separated if specified in the order details page while placing your order.

What laundry detergents do we offer?

We offer multiple different types of laundry detergent, fabric softener, and dryer sheets.

1. Standard Scented

2. Hypoallergenic

3. Organic

4. Provide your Own

What temperature are the clothes washed in?

Cold, all loads are washed cold unless requested otherwise.

Who is doing my laundry?

We employ W2 professional staff who complete your laundry in our professional facilities. Laundry is not done by workers in their private residences.

Do clothes get mixed with other orders?

NO! Clothes are never mixed together with other orders. All orders are tagged and separated to ensure they never mix.

Can I choose what water temperature I want for washing?

Yes! You can select cold, warm or hot when you set up your preferences. These can also be changed and updated anytime in your account.

Can I choose my dryer temperature?

Yes! You can select low, medium or high when you set up your preferences. These can also be changed and updated anytime in your account.

Is there a limit to how much I can send in to be washed?

No! You can send all your laundry in at one time. Please note orders over 75 pounds may take an additional day to process.

Pickup & Delivery

What time is pick up and delivery?

Pick up and delivery occurs between 8am - 7:30pm

Unless you pay additional costs for a customer pickup time.

Where is laundry left for pickup/drop-off?

We recommend that your pickup/drop-off location be protected from the elements if possible. Most customers have us leave their laundry on a front or back porch, in a garage or with their building manager.

Please be sure to include the location to pickup and drop off your laundry in your pickup/drop off instructions in your account.

We also keep an eye on the weather. If locusts or heavy rain is coming, we'll contact you and make alternate plans.

Do I need to be home for delivery or pick up?

No, we're all about convenience. Just put your clothes outside your front door on your pickup day after your order and go on with your day.

I forgot to leave my laundry out on my scheduled pickup day. What should I do?

Fluff & Fold has incorporated email and text reminder tools in its software to help you remember your laundry pickup day. However, if you do forget to leave your laundry out, we will charge a missed pickup fee to cover the cost of a driver going to your home or business. Missed pickup fees depend on the Fluff & Fold location you are serviced by.

To Avoid Missed Pickup Fees: Please cancel the pickup on your account by 4 am EST the day of your scheduled pickup. Any cancellations after 4am ET are subiect to Missed Pickup fees.

What happens if you lose/damage some garments?

Fluff & Fold enjoys a 5 out of 5-star rating from 1000s of customers like you. We strive to provide high-quality care and we work hard to keep up with those standards. If we lose or damage an article, please notify customer service within 24 hours of the laundry being returned to you.

Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for laundry that is lost or damaged by the weather after it is dropped off at your home.

Please review our Terms of Service and Policy Page

Where is my driver?

Our Drivers start their days as early as 7am and continue through the evening. When we start our route, you will receive notification with estimated arrival times according to your set notification preferences!

Please be advised that some drivers may contact you via their personal cell phone when they arrive.

It's raining outside and I'm afraid my clean laundry will get wet. What should I do?

When the weather's bad we double-bag your laundry to make sure it's protected from the elements. We always do our best to protect your laundry, however, we cannot be responsible for laundry that is damaged by the weather after it's dropped off at your home.

Please review our Terms of Service for more details.


Can I request a hypoallergenic detergent?

Yes, of course. Fluff & Fold offers hypoallergenic, organic, and unscented options.

What steps do you take to accommodate customers with allergies?

Please be advised, if you are hyper allergic to scents from laundry products. We may not be able to guarantee your order will be returned as needed. We will do our best to follow all specified preferences for your order. If you have questions regarding this please contact us prior to scheduling a pick-up.

Do we offer dry cleaning?

Unfortunately, Fluff & Fold does not offer dry cleaning at this time, but we look to add this service in the future.

Do you treat stains?

Yes, we do. Please place all stained clothing in a "Special Attention" bag and let us know by including a note in the bag or on your laundry profile and we'll do our best to get it out. While we're usually successful at removing stains, we can't guarantee we'll be able to get it out. If you can pretreat the stain before putting the garment in the bag, it will increase the odds of success.

Do we wash larger items?

Yes, we offer large item wash, which includes dog beds, comforters, and blankets that are machine washable.

Do you launder coats?

Yes, any machine washable coats may be sent in with your regular laundry.

Can I send in my shoes to be washed?

Any machine washable shoes may be sent in.

Can I send my undergarments in to be washed?

Yes, you may send all clothing that is machine washable.

Does Fluff & Fold wash, dry, and fold bedding?

Yes, we absolutely do! Every thing is returned neatly folded

Do you launder items that are soiled?

Fluff & Fold reserves the right to refuse service of items soiled with bodily fluids, chemicals, or garbage. If we are unable to launder, items will be returned unwashed.

In the event that we can launder, laundry is subject to a sanitation fee.

We have a business that offers towels to ourguests, can we send just towels in?

Yes! We launder towels for both residential and commercial pickups.


Is my identity and payment information protected?

Yes, all information identity and payment information are processed through CleanCloud payment systems.

What happens if my Credit Card is declined?

When we pick up your items, we will weigh and pre-authorize your card. If the charge is not accepted, we reserve the right to hold off on processing your laundry until it is cleared. You will see notifications of this based on your preferences.

If your items are laundered, we reserve the right to hold your items until your invoice is paid. Once paid, we will drop off when we are next in your area, no more than 3 business days.

What is a Credit or Debit Card Pre-Authorization?

Pre-authorization is a way to test if your card is working when it is entered into your profile and our payment processor. This encompasses a few things: available funds, address match and whether the card is active. The process of credit and debit card pre-authorization is as follows: A transaction is initiated once your laundry is weighed.

A pre-authorization (also "pre-auth" or "authorization hold") is a temporary hold on your debit or credit card that typically lasts five days or less. Your bank makes that determination, not Fluff & Fold, or until the post-authorization (or "settlement") comes through. In the case of Fluff & Fold, once your laundry is returned, the card is charged for the amount of our service, resulting in the void of the pre-authorization. An invoice is sent to you via the Fluff & Fold application and your preferred method of notification for your tracking.

Why Does Fluff & Fold Pre-Authorize My Order?

As a Fluff & Fold customer, before we begin washing your laundry, we will place a hold on your credit or debit card for the estimated total of your order. This pre-authorization is an estimate and will be based on the total weight of your laundry.

The estimate will show on your bank statement as a pending charge. Once your Fluff & Fold laundry is washed, dried, folded and ready to come home to you, we'll bill your card for the final order total, thereby releasing the pending charge. Unless your order includes large items that are typically billed on a per-piece basis (comforters, pillows, etc.), your final invoice is usually within $10 of the pre-authorized amount.